A Short Fiction

That was it. You had had it. You were tired of the endless fancy balls, organization meetings, all the charity events, the endless gossip and useless chatter. When Mrs. Pier asked (again) when you would find someone to court, you smiled politely and bowed out. You quietly but furiously stormed out of the ball room onto the outdoor balcony overlooking the gardens of your parents estate. Your silk skirts brushed gently against your legs.  You closed your eyes tightly and breathed in heavily. The cold air smelled good. Pine trees mixed with the aromas of the ball filled your head. Faces of the attendees swam in your mind. They were all friends of your parents-a few of the local bachelors and some of your “childhood friends”. You ran Mrs. Piers question through your thoughts. “So Clarice, when will you find someone to court and get married too so that you can settle down?”  Settle down? Wasn’t that what you were doing already? You had studied all your schooling at home, you had lived on the same estate since you were born, and you had no intention of attending a college. It was no place for a young girl in the mid 1800s.

Oh! You were frustrated so you closed the door to that thought. You listened to the sounds coming from inside the ball room. The orchestra caught your attention. You let the sweet sounds of the violin, flute, cello and piano envelope you. It smoothed your mind and calmed you down. Why was life in your imagination so much more interesting than real life? Couldn’t you just stay in your own fantasy all the time?

That is how he found you. The first time you met. When you saw each other for the first time.  His voice interrupted your thoughts bringing you back to earth. You spun around, startled and a little embarrassed.


Well…That’s all I’ve got for now, you can finish it-comment in the box below! =)



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