A Mystical Love



It was dark and dreary outside. Irene was taking a walk to catch a breath of fresh air. A chill wind swept back her long dark locks of hair. Irene enjoyed being out side more than anything. A blustery fall day wouldn’t keep her locked indoors. The smells of crisp autumn leaves mixed with fresh dew and fog swirled in her senses.


This was her time alone. Away from schooling and teachers. She wandered around the woods for a while before sitting down in her favorite place. Out here she could think. She could sing and dance without anyone seeing or hearing her. Irene had lots to think about. Willard Maxwell an old acquaintance had just proposed to re hand in marriage a week ago. How could this happen! She had hardly spoken to Willard before this point. Her father had known him through business connections and she had seen him from time to time throughout the years, but marriage? Her mother and father both thought it was a good match considering the fact that he made 40, 000 pounds a year! Considering his reputation and salary even Irene thought it was a good match. But she had always dreamed of falling in love with the person who would propose to her! But most of her friends had agreed to marriages of the same type. Why should she be any different?


Irene had been in love but once; and she could never forget. Her and Brett Reed had known each other for just one blissful summer. One summer! But oh, what a summer! Only a year and a half ago. She could still see his turquoise eyes looking into hers. Still smell the summer flowers he’d picked for her, still feel her heart beating hard when he walked into the room. But Brett had gone away. Off to the war… Irene missed him desperately and wanted to wait for his return. But Irene had not heard from him for a long time. She had imagined the worse.


She couldn’t just wait forever though. She had to give Willard an answer by tomorrow.


Tears welled up in Irene’s green eyes. She still missed and loved Brett very much. How could she give him up? But then again she had only known him for a very short time; then again the same could be said of Willard.


Irene brushed back the tears and breathed in heavily. The fog was settling down upon her while evening quickly approached. She rose to begin the walk home when suddenly she heard a rustling of dry leaves on the Forrest floor.

A familiar and lovable voice startled her and she whirled around.

“They told me I could find you here.”

Irene caught her breath, “Brett!”


The End.


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