A Winter Romance Part 1

So throughout the month of December I am going to be writing a short story called “A Winter Romance”. I will post the story in parts at random times so you wont know when to expect it! 😉 I hope you decide to follow along with the story. =) Enjoy!

A Winter Romance part 1


(Lucerne, Switzerland)

A cold winter wind blew and beat against the small town houses in Cornwall, England. Inside the houses warm fires lit the tiny windows. November had always been a gloomy and dreary month for Brielle, but now it seemed even darker since the death of her mother a few days ago. She had spent the last two night just as she would spend this night: crying her heart out over the loss of her dearest friend. Her pillow was drenched, her eyes sunken in and bright red, her face as pale as the new fallen snow outside. Her mother was everything to Brielle. She had grown up without a father which mad her mother all the more important and irreplaceable to her.

As Brielle lay on her bed with a crushed and broken heart a thought came to her. She stopped crying so hard and sat up  (which helped ease the pain in her chest a little). She would leave. She had to escape! Escape all the memories this little house brought her, all her mothers friends and relatives, all the questions, inquiries, and pity scenes that lay ahead if she were to stay. Yes, she would go, but where to? Cornwall had always been her home and rarely had she traveled far from it. The only time she had actually left the country was when she, her mother and an old acquaintance had visited and toured a Lucerne, Switzerland, a quiet  smaller city nestled in the mountains of the Swiss Alps. Surrounded by a enormous lake and beautiful scenery what could be a better “get away”?

Brielle lay back down sniffling and trying to clear her thoughts. She was tired of crying and tired of thinking. She wiped her eyes roughly and blinked hard. Her cheeks were hot and giving her a headache so she got up, walked to the window in her bedroom, put one of her cheeks on the cold pane and looked outside. The lights in the town shown brightly and warmed her heart. It wouldn’t be easy to leave her childhood home. Everything would be so different, yet, Brielle had a feeling that her time here in Cornwall had run it’s course. Brielle breathed a heavy sigh and her breath fogged up the glass. She smiled, tilted her head and drew a heart with her thin finger. The steam on the glass smeared away and Brielle was left with her reflection in the glass. She stopped smiling and pushed back her long bangs out of her face.
“Goodbye Mother,” she whispered; then it began to snow.


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