A Winter Romance Part 2

Inspiration for Brielle's Image

Inspiration for Brielle’s Image

4 weeks later found Brielle walking down a familiar road near the train station in Lucerne Austria. The snow fell gently and in giant flakes decorating the quaint little houses and shops. The streets smelled of mountain air mixed with fresh baked goods and hot drinks.

Brielle had arranged to stay at a small boarding house near the edge of town. She had stayed in contact with the owner throughout the weeks. The house overlooked the lake and faced a mountainous slope. When Brielle arrived she immediately felt at home! The house was made out of cobblestones and the roof was high and slanting at both sides. The door was a colorful teal blue and there was smoke coming from the chimney. The house was situated inside a white picket fenced yard. At the entrance to the yard was a black trellis with climbing green ivy luminous against the white snow that covered the roof and yard. Snow was still falling and the cold air nipped at Brielle’s nose. She stood in front of the trellis looking up at the gray sky. The snowflakes fell on her long red hair and eyelashes. Brielle’s lip quivered as thoughts of her mother shot through her mind but she quickly pushed them aside and stood up straighter. As Brielle crossed the threshold of her new home she imagined herself crossing the threshold of a new life. No longer a child but a woman.

A lonely Christmas came and went for Brielle. Spring came and with it a fresh hope and a comforting feeling that filled Brielle’s mind and soul whenever she stepped outside. She thanked God for His faithfulness and for returning spring to her heart.

Spring in Austria was unlike anything Brielle had seen before. The mountain sides were emerald green sprinkled with dots of pink, purple and red wild flowers. The pine trees released a powerful scent that filled her with the desire to climb a hillside and bask in the warmth of the pale spring sun. Birds sang, children frolicked the hillsides on their free time and their laughter was carried in the crisp wind to the ears of the peaceful towns people. Women hung their clothes out to dry just for the fun of it and cleaned their houses to match the freshness that spring brought to the little town.

Each time Brielle stepped outside she caught a wisp of joy and a smile broke out on her lips. Brielle had busied herself with a job at the florist shop near the lake. She didn’t make much but she didn’t need much anyway. Besides she loved working with plants; especially flowers. On her way home from work each day Brielle stopped at her favorite bakery to order her “usual”: a hot mint tea and a blueberry croissant. Yes, Brielle was adapting well to her new home; already familiar with the streets and shops and even some of the towns people.

Brielle’s favorite day of the week was Sunday. She attended an old fashioned baptist church and would sing hymns. Her mother loved singing hymns and Brielle felt her mothers presence every time she sang one. On Sunday afternoons she would take walks to talk to God and clear her mind. Sometimes she would wander the pretty streets of Lucerne and gaze in shop windows. However, most of the time Brielle took a dirt path up the mountain near the boarding house where Brielle lived. The path wound along the foot of the mountain before climbing up the side of it to an edge that overlooked the whole city. Here Brielle sat on  a large stone and listened quietly to all the sounds around her. She heard the bustling town below full of people, trains and cars. She heard woodland animals making noise behind and above her. A rustle in some leaves, a bird trying to impress Brielle with his voice and squirrels chattering and scurrying up and down the trees near her resting place. Brielle cherished these walks and eagerly awaited them each Sunday.


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