A Winter Romance Part 3


A Winter Romance Part 3

As the towns people in Lucerne got to know Brielle they began forming their own opinions about her (as all good people tend to do). Some would describe her as a lonely girl, a mysterious or inward girl. Just listen to one of the conversations that took place between a group of ladies who couldn’t help but gossip about the “new girl”.

“Well,” said a long necked woman, “I think she has a secret to hide. She may look all high and mighty but it may be just a front! Mark my words, she’s up to no good-I’ve been observing her” she whispered behind her hand.

“Oh, Tilly, you observe everyone. She’s probably just shy.” Said a younger looking woman.

“All the sly ones are Megan!” Tilly Retorted. “And if you were smart, you would keep your eyes open to whats going on around you too.”

“Tilly, there’s a difference between being nosy and smart.” Megan replied calmly while pushing a stand of her loose brown hair behind here ear.
All the ladies in the room laughed at this remark. Tilly straightened up in her chair and threw a hot glance at Megan. Then another woman pitched in.
“Well, I see her at church and every time I get to say a few words to her she seems oblivious to what I had just said. She’s stingy!”

“What do you say Karol? You know her better than any of us I suppose. You live with her!” Megan prodded, addressing Brielle’s boarding-mate (for they lived in the same boarding house together).

“Hmm,” Karol started slowly with each woman hanging on the edge of their seats to hear this response. “She seems very dignified… and sort of… I don’t know, solitary I guess.”

“Yes, but how does she act?” Till brashly interrogated.

“She doesn’t stay long for dinner. She always resigns to her room as soon as possible in the evenings. She leaves earlier than she actually needs to to get to her work. Probably just to avoid any kind of conversation with the other tenants and I. That’s what I think anyways.” Karol paused several times during this description to take sips of her tea and bites of cake, much to the annoyance of the rest of the company.

“I don’t think it really matters what Brielle does or doesn’t say.” Megan blurted out defensively. She had never liked a one sided conversation no matter who it was about. “None of us has actually taken the time to try and get to know her so I don’t think any of our opinions should be hurled around behind her back.”

“Oh Megan, you always ruin the fun. It’s just a bit of gossip.” Karol chimed in.

Brielle of course was oblivious to everyone and everything that was being said about her. She tried to keep it that way. She wasn’t rude, stingy or shy. She just wanted a few years to herself and God. For this reason, she had no intention of making new friends; at least for the time being.
But it wasn’t to be that way for long.

One day while Brielle began walking home from work she decided to take a short walk up the mountain before dinner. It was a cloudy day in November and Brielle thought it would be refreshing. She would take a cloudy blustery day to a sunny day any time. The air was beginning to grow cold and nipped at her nose as she began her accent up the mountain. Thoughts of the past year and of her old home in Cornwall swirled in Brielle’s mind as she walked.  Her jeans made a rustling noise mixed with the sound of leaves being crunched beneath her feet. Brielle soon found a place to rest. She sat down near the edge of the mountain and looked out. Such peace. Such tranquility. Brielle loved being outside, she couldn’t imagine life without these mountains that she had come to know and love so well.

On her way back down the mountain Brielle neared a sharp turn in the path that went a round the side of the cliff. She was a good 40 ft above the bottom of the slope. Suddenly it began pouring rain. Within a matter of seconds Brielle was drenched. As she rounded the corner the path got thinner and thinner. In fact it was so thin that it was only a few feet wide. On one side was the mountain-on the other a drop off of the mountain. Brielle had passed this corner before but this time was different. A great fear welled up inside Brielle’s chest. She took a deep breath, put her back against the side of the mountain and began walking sideways to get around the corner. The rain poured so heavily that it stung Brielle’s bare neck. She clung to the mountainside with both hands as she scooted by.

Suddenly Brielle’s foot slipped in the wet mud.  Before she could catch her balance or see what was happening, Brielle felt herself slipping over the side of the cliff. She let out a loud scream and flung her arms wildly on the muddy ground and her hand caught onto the cliffs edge just before she fell off completely. Dangling on the side of the mountain, Brielle felt herself shaking from fear. She tried pulling herself up but she wasn’t very strong and almost fell again. The rain kept pouring and stung her eyes and face. Brielle felt cold and so scared that she couldn’t breath. She closed her eyes and imagined the worst, then, just as she began to let go, she felt a strong hand clasp around one of hers. She heard a loud voice somewhere in the distance, “Hold on and don’t look down!”

Ok, sorry to leave you guys and Brielle dangling but that’s all I can write for tonight. Hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for the next part. =)


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