A Winter Romance Part 4

Brielle opened her eyes and saw a mans face looking into hers. Everything happened so quickly. With a hard jerk on her arm, Brielle felt herself being lifted up. Then, poor Brielle fainted. Everything went black and cold in Brielle’s mind. The man, who had indeed saved her, held Brielle in his arms and carried her slowly around the dreaded corner and to a safe resting place on the trail. Here, he laid her down and fearfully studied her face. He checked her heartbeat and listened to her breathing patterns. The rain did not cease all this time; instead it gushed forth all the more tirelessly pressing on the two victims. The man shaded Brielle’s face with his coat leaning over her on his hands and knees to keep her face out of the rain. Brielle fluttered her eyes open and and squinted from the drops of rain falling on her face (regardless of the strange coat hanging over her). She looked at the mans face so near to hers then relapsed into her state of unconsciousness and shock. Relieved knowing that Brielle had only fainted, the man again picked her up and began the decent down the mountain.

When Brielle awoke she was in a hospital. A doctor was leaning over some paper work on the counter in front of her. Everything was white and smelled sterilized. Brielle tried to sit up but a shocking pain went to her head. She groaned loudly and lay back down. The doctor, hearing this, went to her side and smiled.

“Does your head hurt dear?”
Brielle opened her eyes for a second to see the doctor then shut them tightly again.
“Well, that’s to be expected. You almost fell off of Gliders Cliff then you fainted. Being unconscious like that can put a big strain on ones head.”
The doctors words drummed in Brielle’s ears.
“Hmm,” Brielle murmured so quietly that the doctor had to lean forward to hear what she was saying, “How then did I get here?” She asked, a little annoyed now at the whole situation.
“Crispin brought you in. He’s my nephew. He told me that he was coming down the mountain from hunting when he heard you screaming.” The doctor gently patted Brielle’s hand and went back to the counter where he had been working. Brielle’s eyebrows creased in and she let a hot anger take over her eyes and facial expression. Now she remembered a man. Someone had carried her down the mountain. How embarrassing! Brielle couldn’t think clearly so she stopped trying. After a while she sat up and this time her head didn’t hurt as bad.
“Nurse” she called out. In a few minutes a nurse walked in. “When can I leave?” Brielle asked.
“Let me check your order here.” The nurse replied picking up the doctors file on the counter for Brielle. “It looks like the doctor wants to send you home with some aspirin, then you can go whenever you like.” The nurse smiled and set the file down. “Can I get you anything?” She asked politely. “No,” Brielle replied laying back down.

A few hours later Brielle was check out of the hospital. As she was walking out the doors she spotted her doctor walking down a hall.
“Sir!” She called out. The doctor turned and looked at her. Brielle caught up to the man and stood facing him.
“Oh, did you get your medication?” The doctor asked.
“Yes, I did,” Brielle replied. “But I was wondering, uhm, uh.” Brielle looked down, she hated being at a loss for words! ” Your nephew, uh, what did you say his name was?” She finally got out.
“Oh!” The doctor chuckled much to Brielle’s disliking, “His name is Crispin.”
“I just wanted to thank him for saving my life,” Brielle recomposed herself. ” I was terrified sir, I thought I… I mean I didn’t…” She sighed and looked down at her shoes again. “I was just really scared.” Brielle’s eyes welled up with tears and her face grew pale.
“I understand dear” The doctor said reassuringly. He lifted her chin in his hands. He smiled at Brielle and said softly, “Crispin is at work right now but if you’d like to meet him I could give him your address and send him to visit if you like.” He paused and Brielle looked down again. “Or vice versa, I could give you his address.” The doctor said quickly.
“No, I’ll give you my address. Is that polite do you think?” Brielle asked nervously.
“Of course!” The doctor handed Brielle his notepad and she scribbled down her address then returned the pad to the doctor.  He studied it and smiled. “He’ll be there tomorrow around 3 o’clock. Is that agreeable for you?”
“Oh yes that’s fine.” Brielle smiled sheepishly.
“Would you like me to call you a cab?”
“No, I’ll take care of it. Thank you doctor.” Brielle said goodbye and left the hospital. She whistled for a cab, hopped in and gave the driver her address.
On her way home, the only clear thought Brielle had in her mind was “What kind of name was ‘Crispin’?”


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