A Winter Romance Part 5

A Winter Romance

When Brielle got home that night it was about 11:00 at night. She had been gone since that morning and worked all day at the flower shop before deciding to take that “walk” around 5:30.
“Bad idea!” she mumbled and collapsed on her bed. She lay on her back looking at the ceiling while trying to turn over the events of that day in her mind.
Brielle had felt embarrassed and scared all at the same time. She couldn’t figure out what she felt like. She couldn’t focus on just one thing that took place that day without getting her thoughts all jumbled up. So she stood up, grabbed a cup of tea downstairs and went to bed.

Brielle skipped work the next day. She was so nervous about Crispin’s visit. What would she say? How could she thank him properly without everything turning into an awkward situation? Brielle played several scenarios in her mind where everything turned out perfectly and made her look incredibly smart, sensible and polite. But, she knew all too well that neither character in her scenario would follow her script. They never do.

3 o’clock came a lot quicker then Brielle would have liked. She had kept looking out the window to see if Crispin was coming around the corner. Brielle checked herself in the mirror. Plain sweater and jeans, really? Should she wear a dress? NO! Then it would look like she had put effort into preparing for his visit. She needed to look and act casual. Maybe she should put her hair up. It looked plain falling over her shoulders. “Oh well!” She thought angrily to herself.
Brielle turned furiously away from the mirror. “Decisions, decisions, who cares! That’s what mom used to say.” She told herself out loud. Brielle sighed and drummed her nails on the bureau. “I care!” she stated. Then the door bell rang. “Too late!”  She thought. Then she panicked. Her heart raced and her hands shook violently. She picked up the books on her table trying to convince herself that she was acting normal. Then she threw the books on her bed very much annoyed with herself.
“Get a hold of yourself Brielle and go downstairs to answer the door.” She murmured through her teeth.

“Ok, here it goes.” Brielle walked downstairs and saw that the landlady had not answered the door yet. “Perfect”. Brielle said sarcastically and rolled her eyes. As a matter of fact, Brielle could not see or hear anyone in or around any of the adjoining rooms. She sighed heavily, straightened her shirt and opened the door.

At first the man had his back turned looking out over the scenery, then he whirled around and faced Brielle. His face was unforgettable. His bluish-green eyes shown brilliantly portraying an intelligent, deep mind behind them. His face had very defined features, handsome and strong yet soothing and polite. His smile was the most definitive though. It was one of those smiles that when you see them you just know. You’re so sure of yourself, of the moment and of the person with the smile. There was nothing fake about him; nothing hidden. He was life itself staring Brielle in the face. It warmed her to the core and made her feel strong and happy. Crispin was a shadow of something that Brielle was missing but that she hadn’t known she was missing it till she’d seen him; something that sparked her with life.

“Hello,” Crispin greeted with a smile. His voice was smooth and kind.
“Good afternoon.” Brielle replied sweetly. “Will you come in?”
“I’d love too.” Crispin gently brushed past Brielle who held the door open. She let out a breath of air and closed the front door.


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