A Winter Romance Part 9


An hour later found the two friends hiking up the mountain on the east side this time. They didn’t talk very much. Brielle felt like she was in charge, leading the way and Crispin followed behind her smirking. They reached a place where the slope leveled off and the ground wasn’t inclined as much. Here Brielle left the well trodden path and walked directly into the woods. Crispin raised his eyebrows at this but followed along anyway. Soon they came to a clearing in the woods. There were three tree stumps that had been used for seats that were situated around what looked to be a campfire.

“Brielle, have you been here before?” Crispin seemed surprised.
“Yes, what do you think?” Brielle put her sack of food on one of the stumps.
“Well, how did you find this place?” Crispin asked sincerely curious.
“It’s on the map. You know… the trail map? There was a sign on one of the trees back there on the path too.”
“Wow,” Crispin looked down and scratched his head. “I’ve lived here almost my whole life and have never noticed that before. My uncle used to take me hiking up here all the time.”
“Oh.” Brielle busied herself with making the resting place as nice as possible.
“It’s going to get dark soon, we should have come earlier.” Crispin pointed out.
“That’s why I had you get matches silly! And the wood is all over the place.” Brielle pointed, implying that Crispin build a fire. Brielle looked at him with a demanding look. “Hurry up I’m hungry!” She ordered.
Crispin laughed at Brielle put said “yes ma’am!”
“Ah ha! Got a laugh out of you did I?” Brielle smiled at Crispin and he shook his head and smiled then went to collect wood.

Crispin built a magnificent fire and helped Brielle cook the hot dogs. They laughed and talked while they ate. They exchanged old childhood stories and talked about their families and old friends and about school and problems they’d faced in their short lifetimes.

“How old are you anyway Crispin?” Brielle asked half way into her 3rd hot dog.
“How old do you think I am?” Crispin answered with a childish grin.
“Hmm, 50?”
“Wow, so perceptive! Close but I’m 24.” After saying this Crispin sat up taller to try and look older.
Seeing this Brielle played along. She raised her eyebrows and nodded her head.
“You must be very wise. You are after all so much older than me.”
“Quite!” Crispin stuck up his nose. “And you young lady? You look to be 15.”
“UGH! Really?” Brielle stopped playing and frowned.
“Well, no; but you look like your 18…or around 18?” Crispin questioned himself thinking his answer might offend Brielle even more.
“Yea, but I’m 20!” Brielle retorted.
“Sorry!” Crispin laughed and Brielle joined in.

After a moment of silence Crispin asked, “So this is what you brought me up here for?” trying to sound like Brielle on the canoe.

“Haha! Well are you having a good time?”
“Yes, very much. Thank you Brielle.” Crispin said with true sincerity.

Brielle stood up and looked at the stars twinkling against the now black sky. It was a clear night and there wasn’t much snow on the ground. The fire crackled and the pine trees let off a strong mountainy aroma. The clear sky promised a sunny day on the marrow. In addition to all this beauty there was a full luminous moon that night. It illuminated the pine trees and threw light on the distant mountains. It gave a sparkling light to the two friends as they looked up upon it that night.

“Crispin,” Brielle said while still looking at the moon. “My mom used to say that my grandma used to say, ‘God taught the sun and the moon to be patient and wait its turn. They will each have their own time to shine.’” Brielle turned to Crispin. “You will have your time to shine too Crispin. Don’t be discouraged about what your dad tells you, but don’t disrespect him either. You’re both getting older, try to remember that. Try to have patience with him. There’s a light in you Crispin, I’ve seen it ever since I met you. Don’t lose that.” Brielle looked down and rubbed her boot in the dirt. Maybe she had said too much. But when she looked up again Crispin was looking down too with his right arm in his other hand. Then he looked up with a twinkle in his eye and said quietly “thank you Brielle.” The he walked up to Brielle and hugged her gently. Brielle felt her heart beating faster and closed her eyes trying to fight back the tears. She’d forgotten what it felt like to be hugged by someone she cared about.

After they cleaned up Brielle and Crispin walked back to town talking and using their cell phones for flashlights. They talked about Brielle’s job as a florist and about Crispin’s job as a construction worker. Then they arrived at Brielle’s home. They said goodnight and Brielle waved goodbye as Crispin walked out of sight around the corner.

The next few months were slow and quiet. Brielle and Crispin saw each other once in a while but both were busy with work. Sometimes they would run into each other in town or at social events but never planned anything together.

New years bring all sorts of work and business to try and make up for lost time over the holidays. So Crispin didn’t have many chances to see Brielle. They hoped that in the summer things would slow down and they might have some more adventures together. But then Brielle got a phone call in April. It was from her aunt who wanted to pay for Brielle to “come and spend the summer in Cornwall.” How could Brielle refuse? Her family hadn’t seen her for almost 2 years and they were all pushing for her to visit. Plus her trip was to be paid for. She had no excuses not to go. So Brielle made her plans to leave in June for Cornwall and would return to Lucerne mid-September.

Brielle had been hoping to see a lot of Crispin in the summer. But did Crispin feel the same? Was he hoping to see more of her too? Would he miss her while she was gone? After all, they had only seen each other on a few occasions. Was she alone in her feelings of love for Crispin or did he love her back? She didn’t know. Brielle had thought the same questions and ponderings many times before. But just like everything else in her life, Brielle would have to entrust the matter to God.

So on June 7th, Brielle left her dear mountains and beautiful lake and left for Cornwall England. She had told Crispin that she was leaving but it was a very brief conversation. Crispin was on his way somewhere and wanted “to stay and talk” but just couldn’t. He said he was sorry to see her leave but was glad that she could see her family again. Brielle was disappointed with their parting but had to bear with it. There was nothing she could do now. So, just like that, Brielle left Lucerne.

(Sorry I haven’t been posting this story lately! I’ve been really busy with work. I hope you all will understand. The next parts will be up a lot sooner then this one was though.)


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