A Winter Romance Part 10


“So Brielle, are you enjoying your time back home?”

Brielle’s aunt shook her thoughts.

“Yes, I am. Thank you.” She replied. The two of these ladies were sitting on her aunts patio in a garden on a hot summer day in July. The countryside was beautiful this time of year but Brielle missed her home in the alps. Her aunt Lydia talked and talked about the latest news in Cornwall, pounded Brielle with questions about Lucerne and whined about the heat. It was easy for Brielle to zone out and retreat to her own thoughts. The last month of Brielle’s visit had consisted of long afternoons with her aunt, visiting old relatives, attending church events, summer potlucks and meeting new friends introduced by old ones. Rarely did Brielle get to spend any time alone. But she didn’t mind. Staying busy helped to keep her mind off of missing Lucerne and Crispin.


One day while Brielle was drinking lemonade and picking flowers in her aunts garden an old school friend strolled around the corner to her aunts house.

“Hey stranger!” She shouted.

Brielle looked up. “Cherry!” She screamed. Brielle ran over to her friend and hugged her tightly. Both girls were squealing and trying to talk at the same time. Cherry had been away at college for 3 years but both had been good friends for such a long time that it only took seconds to rekindle their old friendship. They decided to take a walk together and have a long conversation so that they could catch up on each others lives.


“I wanted to tell you something in person,” Cheery whispered to Brielle after some time. Brielle gasped and said “What, what is it?”

“I’m getting married!” Cherry exclaimed with a smile as big as her cute cheeks would allow.

Brielle stopped walking and looked at her friend in amazement. “Oh wow!” She was short of breath. “To who?” She was too happy to share in her friend’s excitement yet.

“To a boy I met in college, his name is George Mansfield.” Cherry said quickly and still smiling as big as she could. Brielle grabbed her and laughed and the two girls hugged until Cherry wanted to show Brielle her ring. It glittered in the sun and they talked about its quality and about how George had proposed. Then they went over the wedding details.


“We’re having our wedding on September 3rd.” Cherry mentioned. “Will you still be here?”

“Yes, till the 15th!” Brielle said excitedly.

“Good. I’ll need all your help and of course you’ll have to be here to pick out your maid of honor gown!” Cherry clasped Brielle’s hand. “You will stand with me, won’t you Brielle?”

Tears came to Brielle’s eyes as flashbacks of all her childhood memories with Cherry went through her mind.

“Of course I will Cherry.” The two friends hugged again and held hands as they continued their walk. They went on talking about the wedding and about George, his job, family, and about how wonderful he was. As they neared Brielle’s aunts house on their way back Cherry looked at Brielle and asked; “So, have you met anyone in Lucerne?” She smiled and threw a mischievous glance at Brielle.


Brielle looked at Cherry and rolled her eyes.

“Of course I have. I’ve met a lot of people. I’m not a hermit you know!”

“Yes you are! But that’s besides the point. I meant have you met anyone special…like a guy?” Cherry drew out the last word as if the only way to get Brielle to answer was by interrogation.

Brielle looked down, smiled and nodded her head.

“I think I have.” She answered.


Brielle enjoyed herself now that her friend was in town in the weeks that followed. They went shopping almost every day for wedding supplies and planned and planned for Cherry’s big day. They lunched together and took turns spending the night at each other’s houses.


Brielle met George, Cherry’s fiancé. She liked him, but each time she was around him or talked with him it only made her miss Crispin all the more. She missed his smiling face and fun conversations; she even missed being teased by him. But it was no use. Brielle would have to wait out the rest of her visit in Cornwall. So she stayed as busy as possible.


One weekend, Brielle, her aunt Lydia, Cherry, ad Cherry’s mother Lucien decided to take a weekend trip to the coast. It was only a 40 minute drive from Cornwall to the Chanel. The ladies were able to wind down from all the pressure of the wedding. They stayed in a beautiful cottage near the ocean.


Brielle walked along the shore and listened to the waves crashing against the sand. Her thoughts swirled and tumbled in her mind. Thoughts of Crispin and her future bothered Brielle. What was she going to do with her life? She couldn’t work at a florist shop and live in a boarding house forever. She needed to decide where this was all going. She knew that she wanted to marry and settle down with a family but who knew when that would happen. That’s when Crispin came to mind. Brielle loved him. She really, truly loved him. True love, if it really is true, isn’t a fantasy. It’s real, it’s tangible, it’s long lasting and never fading. But did Crispin feel the same way? Was he in as much love as she was? How could she tell? How was she to know? Just by guessing from his actions? No! That would never do. One cannot make grand assumptions and base her livelihood or well being on them.


Brielle sat down on the warm sand. She let the wind sweep her face and hair as she sat thinking. She decided that she would apply for a job as a journalist when she returned to Lucerne. She didn’t know what newspaper she would apply to but she knew that she wanted to write.


Later Brielle told Cherry all her plans and they talked about it over their weekend. Brielle was thankful that she had her friend with her during this time. It’s funny how friends are given to us for specific times in our life. But soon the girl’s weekend and time together would come to an end.


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