Abandon the Night

It was in my dark days when you found me,
I was there in the gloom, in the night.
You saw me, the sad empty faced girl.
I was on my guard and hoped you wouldn’t see.

You came forward and helped me see the light,
I smiled but wasn’t ready to laugh with you yet,
You walked me home I cried and told you my story
You cried too and told me to abandon the night.

Now my story is a happy free song,
I can love and laugh and enjoy the day.
Now you throw rocks at my window
And beg me to come along.

Dancing in the Rain

We drive to nowhere and talk and sing in your car,
You spin me around and we dance in the rain.
You saved me from my anguish and fear.
Now you think of me as your bright little star.

A love like this cant be forgotten,
It will last forever, or so we say.
But one night you don’t come home
I went looking for you in the dark and begin to run.

It can’t be you in that car accident on the road.
I arrive only to see that it is you, you cant be gone,
But you are. I was too late to save you
Though you had save me, I had been to slow.

You taught me to abandon the night and love,
You showed me the light and told me what it meant to be free
Now you’re gone and I need you more than ever.
So I think about you and talk to God above.

“Lord keep him in you care and safety,
He brought me the joy I needed and cared for me.
Now help me understand your plans and teach me
How to love You with a love like he loved me.”

Abandon the Night


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