About Me!

Lisa HallahanHmmm, about me?

Well me in a nutshell = forever young…

My name is Lisa Christine (we’ll leave it at that). I love writing as you can tell! I want to be like the old fashion writers that everyone knows and loves such as, Charles Dickens, J.R.R. Tolkien, Charlotte and Emily Bronte, Victor Hugo, Jane Austin, and so many more…

I love the old 1800’s style of writing. So with God’s help maybe I will become a published author one day. I truly hope I will be.

I’m 19 and live on my families ranch in Montana.

Also My older brother Josh Hallahan, younger brother Caleb and I own and operate a web design business (http://www.christian-internet.com/) to help support our family and sick father.

Besides my duties as a stay-at-home-daughter, writer for Young Keepers of the Home, and job as social media manager at our family business, I enjoy horse-back riding, volleyball, READING (I can’t get enough of it!), swimming, poetry, watching The Lord of the Rings(!!!!) hiking, dancing, singing, listening to Irish music and film scores, and gardening at my quiet home in Montana.

I love Ireland and want to go there with all my heart… Most of my newer stories are based there or have fictional characters from Ireland.

I am currently working on my very first Novel called “Shadows of Her Mind”. I won’t tell you what it’s about but don’t worry, you will be the first ones to read it! 😉

Well that’s me! But whew, glad that’s over! =)


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