A Winter Romance- The End

The next few weeks flew by with all of Brielle’s preparations, phone calls, transfers and such. For a while she forgot about Crispin, which was a relief. Then the day came. Brielle said goodbye to her friends at the boarding house and made one last stop at her favorite café. She sat down at the train station outside on a bench. Brielle set down a bouquet of flowers her old boss gave her and put her head in her hands. She couldn’t believe that she was actually leaving. Tears fell silently onto the pavement. The question “why”? was the only thing passing through her mind at the moment. Suddenly Brielle looked up. She looked at all the mountains around her, she smelled the air and listened to all the familiar sounds around her then hung her head again and shook violently with tears. After a while, Brielle checked her watch remembering her train schedule. “Hmm, Crispin should be saying his vows right about now.” She smirked and shook her head. Brielle picked up her bouquet of flowers and began playing with the petals while she waited for the train.

Suddenly she heard a familiar voice call behind her. Brielle stood up and whirled around.
There, in a black tux stood the man she loved. Crispin was staring at Brielle and holding his hands nervously.
“Crispin? What are you doing here?” Brielle looked shockingly at Crispin.

“Brielle, please hear me out. I just want to tell you that I, I really truly love you. I love everything about you Brielle. I love the way you stutter when you get nervous. I love the way your eyes sparkle when you see something for the first time. I love your stubbornness and fiery personality. But most of all, I want to be with you. I want to be the shoulder you cry on when you’re missing your mom. I want to there to see every smile that appears on your lips. So, Brielle, will you do me the honor of allowing me to spend the rest of my life falling more and more in love with you everyday by becoming my beautiful wife, the only wife I’ve ever wanted, the only wife I’ve always dreamed about having? Because I don’t want to miss anything you do. I want to witness every second of your life. I’ll keep rescuing you if you let me.  Brielle, I love you. Marry me!”

Brielle at first was in shock. Then she began crying uncontrollably. She was looking down and rubbing her shoe on the sidewalk. Then she raised her teary eyes and saw Crispin there, with tears in his own eyes, asking for the woman he had come to adore and admire so much. She could not love him more in that moment. She dropped the bouquet and walked slowly over to Crispin and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Then it began to snow.


The End

The End

I’m so sad this story is over. But thank you for following along. I hope you enjoyed  Brielle’s journey just as much as I did! ❤


A Winter Romance Part 12

Brielle in Autumn

Crispin met Brielle at the door smiling but still seemed on edge. They drove to a restaurant and made small talk. At the dinner table Brielle talked about her trip and Cherry’s wedding. Crispin seemed distant and uninterested for the most part. But he was also trying to be polite.

Suddenly, as if he could take the pressure no more, Crispin interrupted Brielle.
“Brielle,” he said, his voice shaking, “Yes?” Brielle replied.
“There’s something I need to tell you.” Crispin looked down and seemed very upset. He was shaking.
“Brielle, while you were away, my father introduced me to a girl-a very wealthy girl named Veronica. Her father owns a vast amount of the businesses here in Lucerne and a few others nationally. My father, he…he wants me to marry Veronica so that he can be proud of me.” Here Brielle gasped and she shook her head in confusion.

Crispin went on. “I am engaged Brielle. Veronica and I are to be married on December 15th.”
Brielle pushed the chair out from behind her and stood up. “Wait! Wait, this is all wrong. I don’t understand Crispin.” She was talking fast and seemed jumpy.

“I don’t know what is so confusing Brielle. What’s not to understand?” Crispin asked trying to seem calm.
“I thought… I mean I…you were…you’re engaged!?” Brielle almost shouted.
“Calm yourself down Brielle! And yes, I am engaged to Veronica. I am sorry if I upset you.”
“Upset me? Oh, Crispin, you…you are so…I can’t talk to you anymore.” Brielle picked up her handbag and began walking furiously out of the restaurant. Crispin stood up and followed her. “Brielle wait!” He tried not to draw any attention but the crowd was watching them anyway. Brielle got out on the street and waved for a taxi.

“Brielle please don’t leave. Let’s talk about this please.”
“Talk about what? You clearly have everything figured out so, I don’t think I need to stay.”
A taxi pulled up and Brielle got in and slammed the door before she could hear what Crispin had to say.

Inside the taxi after Crispin was out of sight in the distance, Brielle burst into tears and developed a massive headache. Her thoughts were blurred in her hot tears. Nothing made sense any more.

When Brielle was finally alone in her room, she collapsed on the bed and sobbed. Crispin had loved her hadn’t he? If he had, then why would he choose to hurt her like this? He would choose to appease his father instead of love who he wanted to love? Everything was all wrong. How could this have happened?

At least Brielle knew why Crispin had been acting so strange. But what now?
Brielle felt rage, heartbrokenness, hate and loneliness all at the same time. She was tired of being disappointed and let down. When would things brighten up for her? Where was the sun in Brielle’s life? Didn’t God want the best for her? Brielle thought and worried and cried till she couldn’t think anymore. Her head hurt badly and she knew she needed to stop crying. She sat up and looked out her window.

In that moment, at about 1:00 in the morning Brielle felt Jesus arms wrap around her. She felt Him holding her and comforting her. She sat there on her bed lost in His presence. After a while Brielle decided that this would not get her down. She wouldn’t let this “set back” destroy another year of her life. She would move on. She would work hard and get back into her normal routine of things.

But this wasn’t as easy as Brielle had thought it would be. Thoughts and questions kept bombarding her in the weeks that followed. Brielle didn’t see Crispin or return his apologetic phone call. She wanted to forget everything; but that might take a while. So, Brielle stayed as busy as she could. She worked at the florist shop, stayed up late reading and writing for her article and even took on extra house work at the boarding house.

One month went by. Brielle heard from Cherry but didn’t talk about Crispin unless Cherry asked about him, which she never did. She was too consumed with her married life.

Another month went by. November was always Brielle’s hardest month. Thoughts of her mother now distracted and haunted Brielle, adding to her hurt. Brielle was thinking about moving back to Cornwall to be nearer to her friends. At least she might not feel so alone. But she would hate to leave Switzerland! Brielle loved it here. She had come to call it home. She had a schedule, two jobs and a wonderful church. Not to mention the scenery. Could she bring herself to leave? If it meant forgetting Crispin and his “new wife-to-be”, then yes; she might.

Brielle mentioned this thought to Cherry on the phone one day.
“What are you waiting for?! Of course you should move back! I feel so lonely without you!” Cherry urged Brielle. Then, without thinking twice, Brielle began making plans to move back to Cornwall.

She didn’t have to plan much, she would move in with her aunt Lydia until she could find another job or establishment and she rarely had any belongings to pack. Brielle booked her one way flight to Cornwall for December 15th; purposely.

A Winter Romance Part 11

Cherry's Wedding


The day of Cherry’s wedding arrived. Brielle looked stunning in her bridesmaid dress. It was a pale pink flowing gown, her hair hung loose in curls down her back. The music began playing and the other bridesmaids walked down the aisle.

When Brielle’s turn came to walk down to the alter she clutched her flower bouquet and took a deep breath. While walking down the aisle Brielle tried to pay attention to what was going on, but only two thoughts were passing through her mind. 1, She wished she were walking down the aisle as a bride to Crispin’s side and 2, Only 12 days left till she returned to Lucerne.

After the wedding and reception it was time to say goodbye to Brielle’s dear friend Cherry. Brielle would be gone by time Cherry returned from her honeymoon. Brielle hated saying goodbyes. She wanted to hold her friend forever and ever. Brielle, for some reason, felt scared in that moment while hugging Cherry. What if things had changed while she had been in Cornwall? She felt as if she were embarking on a whole new life, only, nothing had changed yet. She was on the brink of something big and frightening but she couldn’t see what it was. Brielle got a hold of herself and let go of her friend.

Cherry looked so happy! She was oblivious to Brielle’s feelings or thoughts. She loved Brielle but couldn’t wait to leave for her honeymoon. She looked right past Brielle it seemed like. Within a few sort moments Cherry was gone and Brielle was walking home alone.

The next 12 days were like a continual downpour of pure monotony. The day’s weren’t long but they weren’t short either. Brielle felt like a blank page. Nothing filled her. Nothing appeased her bored and depressed state of mind. She was tired of being in a place where everything reminded her of  her mother. When the day of her departure came Brielle was more than ready to leave. Her eccentric aunt was in tears while Brielle boarded the plane. Brielle waved goodbye and happily left Cornwall. Again. On her flight back to Lucerne Brielle wondered about Crispin. She wondered if he’d missed her and would be excited to see her again. While she had been away Brielle often thought of and prayed for Crispin. She really wanted to see Crispin’s relationship with his father restored.

When Brielle got back to Lucerne she decided to walk home, just as she’d done when she first arrived there. Autumn had come at just the right time. Brielle walked along all her favorite streets on the way back to her old boarding house near the lake. The beautiful autumn leaves fell down all around her as she walked on the moss covered cobblestones. The sky was gloomy and the air felt clean and fresh. Brielle was so happy to be back in “her mountains”.

For the first week since Brielle’s return she hadn’t seen any of her friends including Crispin. She wanted to take things slow and settle back in. She hadn’t quite her job as a florist yet. She wanted to look around for a position as a journalist first. She went to several newspaper printing presses and a few magazine publishers before she was accepted to write a weekly article for “Living Lucerne”, a popular newspaper. But a once a week article wouldn’t cut it for Brielle’s needs. So she decided to keep both jobs. Part time florist and journalist; It was perfect! Brielle loved being busy in the fall, it brought a sense of accomplishment and made her feel classy. But there was always a lingering question in her mind, “when will I see Crispin?”

Finally, Brielle decided to go see Crispin at his office of the construction company that he worked for. Walking up to the door made her more nervous than she’d ever felt before. A thousand thoughts and questions flew through her mind all at once. What if he is too busy? That would be embarrassing! Am I being too straight forward? But her hand reached forward and Brielle felt her fingers tapping on Crispin’s door. Crispin’s sweet familiar voice was heard in her ears.
“Come in.”

Brielle bit her finger and covered her face with her hands. What was she doing?!
Suddenly, she stood up straight, pulled her shirt down and opened the door.
Crispin looked up at Brielle and immediately a shocking look went to his eyes. His face went pale and he opened his mouth but no words came out.

“Surprise,” Brielle smiled sweetly and walked in. “Hi Crispin.”
“Brielle,” he stuttered. “C, c, come in, sit down.”
Brielle was a little startled by his response but she sat down anyway.
“Hi Brielle,” he stood up and walked over to Brielle.
“Hi,” she replied.
“I’m, I’m glad to see you back.” Crispin said bluntly.
“Thanks, I got back a little over a week ago.” Brielle tried to sound nice but she felt nervous.
“Oh, that’s neat.” Still there was no change in Crispin. He seemed scared and strange, definitely not his casual, usual self.
“Yea…So how have you been Crispin?” Brielle kept trying to get him to relax while she tried to remain calm herself. But there was something wrong.
“Oh, I’ve been good I guess. How, uh, how have you been?”
“I’ve been fine. I missed Lucerne while I was gone though!” Brielle smiled.
“What’s the matter, what’s wrong? Did I do something to upset you, is this a bad time or something?” Brielle felt like asking. She was really uneasy around him right now. Somehow, there was something fake and scary about Crispin. Something had happened to him.

Crispin cleared his throat and looked down. “Hey Brielle, I’m pretty busy right now, but I would love to talk to you about your trip. So, maybe we could have dinner tonight?”

This came as a huge shock to Brielle. She did not expect that to come from Crispin especially after the way he’d been acting. She got scared.
“I…um…I wa’…um I guess…well. I mean what time should we…or you..I mean…uh, ok.” Brielle was shaking and looking all around then she looked down and squeezed her eyes shut.

“I could pick you up at 7.” Crispin’s voice sounded a little steadier now.
“Ok, see ya latter.” Brielle nearly ran out of Crispin’s office.

On her way home Brielle didn’t know what to think about; Crispin’s behavior or her dinner date with him that night. These were not the situations she’d envisioned when she thought of how Crispin would have asked her out on their first date. What was wrong with him? She had never seen him act this way. Was he mad at her for some reason? Then Brielle made one clear, final decision (The first one she had made all day it seemed like). She wouldn’t think about it. She wouldn’t analyze his actions/behaviors or her own. She would just show up at dinner as if nothing had happened; she would be herself. Why should she ruin things on their first dinner?

Brielle decided to do something to take her mind off of the matter. She went shopping for an outfit to wear to dinner. Brielle needed to be classy and composed tonight. “Don’t stutter tonight Brielle!” She kept telling herself over and over. Before she knew where all the hours had gone, 7 o’clock came. She heard Mrs. Hatteras her landlady call her downstairs, there was “someone” at the door for her.
Brielle grabbed her handbag and sprayed on her favorite perfume and ran down the stairs.