My Heart’s in the Highlands by Robert Burns 

My heart’s in the Highlands, my heart is not here;
My hear’ts in the Highlands a’chasing the deer;
Chasing the wild deer and following the roe,
My heart’s in the Highlands wherever I go.

Farewell to the Highlands, farewell to the north,
The birthplace of valor, the country of worth;
Wherever I wander, wherever I rove,
The hills of the Highlands forever I love.

Farewell to the mountains high covered with snow,
Farewell to the straths and green valleys below,
Farewell to the forests and wild-hanging woods,
Farewell to the torrents and loud pouring floods.

My heart’s in the Highlands, my heart is not here;
My hear’ts in the Highlands a’chasing the deer;
Chasing the wild deer and following the roe,
My heart’s in the Highlands wherever I go.

-Robert Burns


Sweet Sounds of Spring

In the ruffle of flower petals,
In the meadow larks melody,
In the pink clouds silver lining,
In the creak of a child’s swing,
We hear the sweet sounds of Spring.

In the song of a cherry smile,
In the leaves of a plant now reaching,
In the suns warm pale glow,
In the joy that warmth brings,
We hear the sweet sounds of Spring.

In the white new clouds shorn of grey,
In our joyful hearts weary of winter,
In the light cool frolicking breeze,
In the beauty of all things blooming,
We hear the sweet sounds of Spring.

In the brown buds appearing,
In the red red blossoms emerging,
In the yellow sunsets setting,
In the restless daffodils bursting,
We hear the sweet sounds of Spring!

Sweet Sounds of Spring

Abandon the Night

It was in my dark days when you found me,
I was there in the gloom, in the night.
You saw me, the sad empty faced girl.
I was on my guard and hoped you wouldn’t see.

You came forward and helped me see the light,
I smiled but wasn’t ready to laugh with you yet,
You walked me home I cried and told you my story
You cried too and told me to abandon the night.

Now my story is a happy free song,
I can love and laugh and enjoy the day.
Now you throw rocks at my window
And beg me to come along.

Dancing in the Rain

We drive to nowhere and talk and sing in your car,
You spin me around and we dance in the rain.
You saved me from my anguish and fear.
Now you think of me as your bright little star.

A love like this cant be forgotten,
It will last forever, or so we say.
But one night you don’t come home
I went looking for you in the dark and begin to run.

It can’t be you in that car accident on the road.
I arrive only to see that it is you, you cant be gone,
But you are. I was too late to save you
Though you had save me, I had been to slow.

You taught me to abandon the night and love,
You showed me the light and told me what it meant to be free
Now you’re gone and I need you more than ever.
So I think about you and talk to God above.

“Lord keep him in you care and safety,
He brought me the joy I needed and cared for me.
Now help me understand your plans and teach me
How to love You with a love like he loved me.”

Abandon the Night

Pearl Harbor-Dark & Glorious

Dawned the morning of December 7th;
Glorious in hue but dark in deed.
Our enemy came with hate and wicked schemes.
We still remember our fallen hero’s
Their memory is forever burned into our minds.

The valor, strength and courage displayed
Is not quickly forgotten but remembered throughout.
We will only read of what happened on the 7th.
But justice is not fully given on a history page.

Dark and glorious this day is forever saved
As a reminder of our hero’s lives and sacrifices.
Pearl Harbor- a symbol of honor and love.
A name to cherish, despise and respect.
But from the ashes of the past America will always Rise Above.

Pearl Harbor

~Barefoot and Wild~

Take my hand and pull me out into the wild,
Your red hair and crazy smile, always looking like a child!
We’ll dance alone on the grass in our  bare feet,
You made me feel at home since I first saw you smile.

We’ll dance the clouds of life away and make it sweet,
You and I barefoot and wild! Being with you is such a treat.
You twirl me around and tickle my feet, pick me up upon a swing.
The spring is here, it’s in your eyes, cold and winter soon take fleet.

Dancing on green hillsides, all we can do is sing.
You pick me flowers to put in my hair and my heart takes wing!
Four blue eyes as blue as our sky oblivious to clouds.
I’m so glad we’re here. With you my winter is Spring!

Barefoot and Wild

~Mist and Gloom~ 

There is something about the mist,
There is something about the gloom,
There is something about the dark cloud,
The stormy weather, the frightening sky
That makes you feel free and elegant.

The rain that pours, the lightening bolts,
The shadow and grey light,
All have in common one thing to me;
-Its romantic to see.


~ T O  M Y  M O T H E R~

Love, how vast a word, how deep it’s meaning.
Could I tell you it’s significance? I cannot.
But to me, “love” is defined in you clearly.
Each child you nurtured in deed and in thought.

As the grains of sand on the shoreline,
So is your filial love for your dear ones.
How can I repay you? How could I outshine?
We will care for you-all your daughters and sons.

We love you-I love you. Ah, Love-
The word is not enough. Words never are.
You deserve the world and everything above.
And so much more than this silly memoir.


Nature, Gods Creativity is on Display

Nature, God’s creativity is on display,
On an autumn morn’ when dew sparkles on the green;
A red sun splashes at the break of day,
A cloudy mist covers leaved sidewalks so serene.

God in His majesty laughed and babies are made,
He cried for joy the pours forth bursts of rain.
He paints a white winter canvas with splashes of flowers;
Spring in its glory, the mountains are as towers.

Rivers gush forth as does God’s grace-unending.
Storms may come, slashing fields and trees bending.
But god does not stay angry; His love comes with the dawn.
When in nature, all to God are drawn.


A Candle Flickered

A candle flickered in the dark,

While on a paper I scribbled a note.

A chill wind swept my hair and I missed a mark.

My love would soon know from what I wrote,

Through a quick and quiet note,

That I ne’er loved him, there was no spark.

The candle flickered and as it went out,

So did my affection-there is no doubt.


My Fantasy Book

I awoke on a bed of grass and violets.
Sun rays burst through the windows in trees.
I smelled the dew in every woodland thicket,
A bright red bird perched in joy sings through leaves.

This, this oh joy! Tis my own sweet fantasy.
Fairies pink in high escort dance on the brook.
The fog is dense, enchanting and sweet.
Bring me there and leave me there,
In my own sweet fantasy book!



How can one endure such darkness?
Frodo’s heart was true but wounded.
Long he must have wished to be dead.
But he pulled through-he was made of muchness.

At last how could normal be normal?
How could life be life?
Long had he endured great strife.
Nothing to him could again be blissful.

So away now he must go-over the Sea,
Through shinning waters and golden skies;
Where mist and shadows no more lie.
At last, at last, at Sea Frodo is free!


The Sailors Ballad

Tis said calm seas make not a sailor great,
But wind and storm, high gales and slate.
How can you exceed if not tried to your limit?
Great wisdom and potential lies beyond the summit.

Give up not on faith and hope
Hold on sailor, tie fast your rope.
Let God be your anchor through calm and storm.
He created and knew you before you were born.

Though comes still the wind, rain and hail
Know that there is light, fight and prevail!
Though you cannot see the break of day,
The Lord is with you He will stay.

Call Him ere here comes to your side
Stronger and mightier than the Oceans tide.
Galaxies and stars He knows them by name,
Do you think your Oceans He cannot tame?

 ship at sea

A Distant Dream

– (a poem for modern day slaves)

Have you ever not been able to feel?
Have you ever been in complete darkness?
Can you remember ever missing a meal?
Have you thought death would be better than blackness?

I dream of light and peace and possibly sleep.
I am trapped I see the light but can’t get out.
I walk about in a tunnel, so dark, so deep.
No one sees me no one can hear me even if I shout!

There is no emotion left in me, what is love what is hate?
Am I alive or am I dead? Where can the light be?
Yes, you know me that ugly girl, I am the slave.
Won’t you save me? Please set me free!

Don’t pass me by in the street, stop me, talk to me!
Look in my eyes. See the pain years can’t wash away.
I am dirty, poor, and sad to see.
People judge me and behind my back they have much to say.

But I long for freedom though tis a distant dream
A friend I wish for to smile and hold me close.
A house to come home to and wash me clean,
A swing to swing on that will blow away my past and foes.

But no, I am still trapped in a cold old room
Only you can help me, please, I need you
Tell someone and blow the whistle save me from this doom.
But I am not the only one 27 million more there are too.

Be the candle in the dark you can help the “least of these”
Stand up for those who can’t, shout for the silent ones!
We are here and there, down the road and overseas.
Don’t leave us in the dark, all alone to face the lions.



Life is a beautiful thing; she creeps through all things even unseen.

Life is in the plants, a flower now blooming, a bud now springing.

Life is in water, flowing, rushing, winding, twisting through a bend.

Life is in the forest green, she is seen dancing in every glowing glen.

Life is in a mother’s womb, growing, stretching, and coming, born!

From before the moment she takes her first breath, life is in her form.

Life is given from God to every dark and cherry corner of the world,

To every plant, animal, man, boy, woman, and girl, Life is from the Lord


Shadowfax of Rohan

White he comes, like the dawn of day

 Galloping softly we hear him neigh.

His mane dances quietly in the wind,

Gallant is he, as any king’s men.

 He is gentle and calm,

Fast, furious and strong!

 All other horses bow to his coming,

 No steed so fast can match him running.

Shadowfax the Grey he’s called!

 Approaching in white, all are enthralled.



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